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Water/Flood Damage Restoration Colorado

In your journey to find professional water damage restoration in Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and surrounding areas, USA Carpet Care & Restoration is prepared to meet all your water damage needs.


Water damage strikes unexpectedly: Striking in the form of heavy rainfall, flooding, melting snow broken pipes, the repercussions flooding could be overwhelming.


When water damage strikes, USA Carpet Care & Restoration is equipped to return your home or place of business back to normal. When you call for water damage restoration after a flood, our certified technicians work hard to ensure the water is properly extracted, harmful odors are eliminated and all affected areas are treated accordingly to clear your space of any harmful toxins.


Our certified technicians are on call 24/7 and ready to help with any of your water damage needs. USA Carpet Care & Restoration plays the role of the lead contractor including communicating with insurance agents. The integrity, honesty, professionalism and commitment to quality USA Carpet Care & Restoration strives to accomplish is second to none.

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